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Hello, Friendors!

At the Country Club on Hampton, we know it's our vendors who make or break our events and our reputation.  When we recommend a business, we are confident they will represent our values and professionalism.

We do not offer our clients an endless list of nameless vendors.  We know our preferred vendors by name.  We have met them in person, worked with them on projects, and laughed with them at our events.  


Our preferred vendors impress us with their professional expertise, passion for inclusivity, kindness in every interaction, and excellent communication skills.


The first step to becoming a preferred vendor at the Country Club on Hampton  is participating in our vision and mission of vendor community.  Sign up to be a vendor at an open house, attend a party, participate in a styled shoot, and/or join a meet and greet.


Once you have completed step one, please continue onto step two- filling out the questionnaire below.  Please give special attention to the packages and pricing portion of the application.  Clients need concrete numbers in front of them when choosing a vendor.  They need to know exactly what they will be getting and how much it will cost. Incomplete or vague applications will not be accepted.


Thank you for your interest in our venue and community-minded mission!  

Preferred Vendor Application

Thanks for submitting!

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