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Once upon a time...

...there was a woman who believed in a curious combination of excellence and community.

She dreamed of a space- a physical place- where these two could be combined.  A unique space to gather and create- art, memories, beauty, and relationship.  

She roped her family into it first- her partner Gavin (engineer by day, handyman extraordinaire by night), her kids (they now know how to paint walls and clean toilets!).  Soon her friends joined in- to photograph the space (thanks, Denise!), design logos (thanks, Kaitlin!), sling mocktails behind the bar (thanks, Erica!), perform on stage, spread the word!  

Step by step and then suddenly all at once, there it was!  This physical manifestation of excellence and community was no longer just a dream.  The Country Club on Hampton- 7000 square feet of brick walls and bistro lights- was real and ready to welcome everyone!

Sarah talking 2

Of course, that's not the end of the story:  it's just the beginning.

We're just getting started inviting people into our space, showing them around.  We're busy hosting weddings, birthday parties, concerts, storytelling slams, panel discussions, markets, photo shoots, game nights, drag shows, and prom!  

Our space has its own events (tickets here) and is available for the community to hold their own (price list here).  

Follow our adventures on social media

IG:  @countryclubonhampton and @countryclubonhamptonweddings

FB: /countryclubonhampton

Email us at info(at) to schedule your tour, inquire about availability, or to offer suggestions for future events!

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