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Style, Sophistication, and Sass

Leif and Haze bring their style, sophistication, and sass to the East Valley in their brand new show 00Drag.

Drag shows are for EVERYONE!  Well, everyone over the age of 18!


Two Thursdays a month, Leif and Haze will curate a unique variety show, guaranteed to leave you shaken, not stirred.


Sip your mocktail, tip your performers, and transform your Thursday nights! 


Tips for first time audience members:

-Stuff your wallet with SINGLES!  The performers live for applause, but they live off those dolla dolla bills!  As Leif says, "Love it?  Tip them two dollars.  Hate it?  Tip them one, and they'll leave you alone."  *BRING THOSE SINGLE BILLS!*

-Clear the stage!  Leif, Haze, and their merry band of drag stars own the stage in every sense.  Dance the aisle, but leave the stage clear for the performers to delight and titilate! 

-Be YOU!  How do you want to show up for the night? That's how we want to see you!  Drag shows are a SAFE place to be your authentic self. 

-Bring FRIENDS!  Drag is like a seven tier chocolate cake; it's meant to be shared.  


All events at the Country Club are Sober and Sophisticated!  Our cashless bar will mix you up a handcrafted mocktail or pour you a simple rootbeer.  Explore our menu and have FUN!

No upcoming events at the moment
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